Exif PlugIn

An Exif Plug-In for FileMaker

ExifPlugIn is a Plug-In for FileMaker which enables FileMaker users to access EXIF and IPTC Data created by a digital camera.

It works with FileMaker 7 or higher on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X on Intel (requires 10.4 or higher). JPGs are accessible which are stored directly or as reference within FileMaker container fields or in external JPG files. IPTC data is not accessible for all pictures.

FileMaker Version 14 works using the 32-bit version. Support of 64-bit is in progress!

Made with Lisp
+ T e c h n i c a l   i n f o r m a t i o n + + + + + + +
The ExifPlugIn was written in Common Lisp using the LispWorks development environment and the great FM-PLUGIN-TOOLS toolkit. Thanks to Edi Weitz’ phantastic toolkit I was able to create this plugin by editing about twelve lines of lisp code and copying the rest from his examples. Thanks to Zach Beane for his fine ZPB-EXIF library.

+ D o w n l o a d + + + + + + +
ExifPlugIn is available as a ZIP archive from http://jensteich.de/wp-content/exif-plugin/ExifDemo-0.3.0.zip. The current version is 0.3.0. This version comes with the new feature of getting exif data also from container data stored as reference or from external files.

+ L i c e n s e + + + + + + +
The ExifPlugIn is Copyright © 2006-2014 Dr. Jens Teich – All Rights Reserved.

The ExifPlugIn is free for private or commercial use. You are allowed to redistribute it as long as this license information is included. The software is provided ‘as is’ with no warranty – use at your own risk.

+ S u p p o r t + + + + + + +
Support for ExifPlugIn is available via the FM-Lisp mailing list. If you have any questions or if you want to report bugs, please use this mailing list and don’t email us directly. Thanks.

+ I n s t a l l a t i o n + + + + + + +
The download is a zipped fmp12 demo file containing the plugins for both platforms. On file opening the plugin is installed automatically if necessary. This feature requires FileMaker 12. With older versions (1) open demo file (this requires at least FM12 because of file format FMP12, use the demo from filemaker.com), (2) change to layout `plugins’, (3) extract plugin for your os from container into extensions folder and then it is usable with older FM versions too.

If the plug-in isn’t recognized on Windows (i.e. if it doesn’t show up in FileMaker’s Preferences dialog), chances are good that you are missing Microsoft’s runtime library msvcr80.dll. Most people will have it already as it is automatically installed by many other applications, but if you don’t, you can get it from here.

+ E x a m p l e s + + + + + + +
A simple example FileMaker database which explains the usage of ExifPlugIn is included in the package.